Saturday December 20 , 2014
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Great Great Great job... By far one of the greatest tutorials ever seen on any website. Great Job... you have taught me to? play after just one view... great job again... I cannot type my appreciation for you... Keep up the great work. :)
Date of Posting: 29 January 2011
Posted By: Clara Sowden
Hello Okiem, I discovered your site through your youtube channel. I learned how to play piano when I was a child, but didn't go through with it, mainly because I was bored with the exercises and the songs I was being taught. Seeing your website has really made me enthusiastic about trying to play again, your lessons look fun and simple to follow. Plus, learning songs I already like gives me ambition to try and play them. Thank you for your help.
Date of Posting: 29 January 2011
Posted By: Joel Ohana
Excellent, Clear, and Nice Layout with the Visual Notes ... Great Job!! and big thanks... figuring this song out took me a long time and then I run into your videos and I realize that I would have saved myself a whole bunch of time by simply watching your videos... I'm going to be telling my 12 yr old to study your videos while I'm at work so she can improve her skills. Thanks again... :)
Date of Posting: 29 January 2011
Posted By: Chris Parsons
WOW UR taught me how to play 2 songs in? 1 Dude I love you man! Ive been struggling with piano for over 3 years and now you made it very clear.Wow.your amazing! God bless you.Wow.I? can't believe I'm able to play this song
Date of Posting: 29 January 2011
Posted By: Zack Kelshall

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